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Why is my internet off at times, even if I have not used the entire cap?

This happens when the conection to your device is temporaraly terminated. The usual culprote is your wireless modem. Simply switch it off wait ten seconds and switch it back on.

Why is my internet conection so slow?

It often happens that your computer is handeling tasks via the internet that you may not be aware of. These tasks include send/recieve of e-mail or windows updates. These tasks are heavy data users and when used in combination with a browser or Skype can cause the apearance of a slow connection.

Why is my monthly usage so high?

The usual culprits are Skype, Facebook, YouTube, online gaming or most probably software updates running in the background. These services are extremely heavy data users because of the media like images and videos.

Why is my internet conection inconsistent?

An inconsistant internet conection is the cause of a poor connection. Please reset your wireless modem by turning it off, waiting ten seconds and switching it back on.

How can I block spam e-mail?

Spam e-mail is automatically blocked by your internet security software like Kaspersky. It might be that your settings are off. Please phone MB-net's technical department for acistance. Contact us here

It seems that my e-mail is not working but I do have an internet conection, what now?

If you have a @gmail, @yahoo, @mweb or any of this kind e-mail address, it might be because your e-mail service provider is experiencing dificulties. If you have a @mb-net e-mail address please contact us and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Contact us here

How can I increase my monthly internet cap?

Simply contact us to increase your monthly cap. You can view all of the available options here.

How can I decrease my monthly internet cap?

Simply contact us to decrease your monthly cap. You can view all of the available options here.

How can I get MB-net?

It is as easy as one-two-three! You can either subscribe to a package online or contact us directly.

My question is not listed above?

Chat with us on Skype and ask away! Or if you prefer, e-mail or call us. Full contact details.

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