Business VoIP Trunk Line


Service fee:

  • R25.00 (R21.93+VAT) per channel per month (minimum 4 channels)

optionally plus:

  • R50.00 (R43.86+VAT) per block of 10 numbers per month.

          E.g. R250.00 (R219.30+VAT) for 8 channels and 10 numbers.
          E.g. R100.00 (R87.72+VAT) for 4 channels and 1 number.

Setup and installation: 

  • As per quotation


  • One or multiple telephone numbers* for incoming phone service
  • option of directed inward dialling
  • call forwarding (always, unavailable, busy, unanswered)
  • call waiting, voice-mail
  • multiple simultaneous calls (maximum == number of channels)
  • choice of SIP or IAX2 protocol


  • VoIP switchboard or gateway


  • Monthly (30-day notice period)
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