Fax2eMail as a product has gained a high level of acceptance in the corporate environment by the end user as it is wonderfully convenient and improves productivity and most see the benefit right away. Additionally there is a great deal of hype in the market place that has been created through various resale channels and users are not always fully informed as to how to select a Fax2eMail solution.

Fax2eMail has become a lucrative industry in South Africa and internationally and like with any lucrative industry there are companies that are founded by individuals with various degrees of business ethics and morality. Recently there has been a disturbing trend in the market place where prospective users are allocated unsolicited numbers by means of spamming. Not only is this unethical it is also illegal.

As some unscrupulous Fax2eMail suppliers in the market place try to maximize profit and do not have the infrastructure to provide quality service many clients / users experience costly delays. Additionally as the capacity on their systems is not monitored correctly often senders encounter engaged tones and cannot send faxes when it is critical.

The most alarming risk however is one that occurs when a company does not implement Fax2Email correctly. Often when a company's Fax2Email is not fully implemented or rolled out to all users in all departments. The risk is that most email users will at some stage get Spammed Fax2Email numbers and if they have not already been allocated with and approved number from the company, there is no control. Users readily accept these numbers as they see the benefit and convenience. If the service is operational it may seem harmless as the company may temporarily benefit from the savings that occur. However as the company does not have control and cannot administer their user base if the user where to leave the organization they could take their number along. They had contact and will be able to get the number re routed to their new email address, possibly at the opposition. Thus the company looses the documentation that rightfully belongs to them. We have found that most clients consider the full rollout proposal more carefully once we have discussed the dangers of incomplete rollout.




Masjienburo has the expertise and ability to deliver a world class Fax2eMail solution to all users and advise on implementing the solution in such a way as to protect a company's Intellectual Property and help safeguard sensitive fax communications. We will put the control back where it belongs when it comes to Fax communication - in the company's hands not in the hands of the user.

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