Standard Uncapped

MB-net's Standard Uncapped packages are the same quality packages users have been enjoying for years. These packages have been designed with the average internet user of today's world in mind. Our Standard packages also allows you to add on some extra services, many of which is free, to enable you to do just about anything on the web.

Our Standard packages further enjoy Higher priority than our Budget packages which means you have fast and professional response to all of your networking issues.

To make it easier for you to see what option works best for you, we have compiled a detailed list:


  • 512Kbps Uncapped

    R 650 Up to 512 Kbps Download Up to 512 Kbps Upload 100GB Unshaped Service Prioritisation
  • 1Mbps Uncapped

    R 750 Up to 1 Mbps Download Up to 1 Mbps Upload 125GB Unshaped Service Prioritisation
  • 2 Mbps Uncapped

    R 875 Up to 2 Mbps Download Up to 2 Mbps Upload 150GB Unshaped Service Prioritisation
  • 4 Mbps Uncapped

    R 2750 Up to 4 Mbps Download Up to 4 Mbps Upload 150GB Unshaped Service Prioritisation
  • 1
  • 2


Increasing the value of your service even further, MB-net offers you the following ad-on services:

  • Prices dependant Easily send faxes from your email address Pre-paid credit Perfect when used with MB-net Fax-to-Email
  • FREE Use your Email address to receive Faxes Receive Faxes as PDF or TIFF Get a new personal Fax number
  • FREE You choose your Username YourName @ Always on & Available
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