Business Uncapped

MB-net's Business packages are all about productivity. Business users enjoy the utmost priority to ensure you have very little to non-at-all down time.

Integrating your MB-net package into the Masjienburo Group's subsidiaries and their solutions further mean that you now have the Boland's foremost IT corporation on your side and easily accessible through tight integration with your MB-net service.

Our business packages are also suitable for high demand home users and gaming enthusiasts who requires absolute uninterrupted connections at blazing speed without the line overcrowding of ADSL.

MB-net is truly your best option when it comes to business and unsurpassed service.


  • 512Kbps Uncapped

    R 1 500 Up to 512 Kbps Download Up to 512 Kbps Upload Unshaped Priority Connection
  • 1Mbps Uncapped

    R 2 475 Up to 1 Mbps Download Up to 1 Mbps Upload Unshaped Priority Connection
  • 2 Mbps Uncapped

    R 4 750 Up to 2 Mbps Download Up to 2 Mbps Upload Unshaped Priority Connection
  • 4 Mbps Uncapped

    R 7 999 Up to 4 Mbps Download Up to 4 Mbps Upload Unshaped Priority Connection
  • 1
  • 2

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